A future-focused internship

Join New Zealand’s analytics & research in government internship. Work with real data and make a real difference.

If you are a student with a strong interest in research, evaluation and have a passion for data, we want to hear from you!

This is a fantastic opportunity to develop insights that will help steer the policy decisions of New Zealand and bring real change!

Don’t wait until you graduate to launch your career – get real world experience now!


What is Analytics & Research in Government (ARG)?

The Analytics and Research in Government Group [ARG] is a multi-agency initiative to build capability in data analytics across Government.

These insights inform the way government makes decisions, from policy changes to financial decisions – ARG is a crucial part of creating a better New Zealand for all New Zealanders.

We want you to experience life working in government and have the chance to apply the skills you’ve learned in university into real-world projects.

100% of interns would recommend this programme to other students

We have a broad range of projects on offer every year. Examples from last year include:

  • Building the evidence base about family and sexual violence

  • Helping build a prototype app for MSD’s employment assistance programmes

  • Data science in social services

  • Develop an environmental sustainability dashboard

  • Using data insights to deliver better justice services

Each project is carefully developed to give you an opportunity to learn and grow.

Your ARG Internship Programme

The ARG internship programme places interns within a government agency alongside some of New Zealand’s leading data analysts, working on real data, looking for real insights.

The programme will help you identify and hone your strengths, provide you with a window into a career working in data analytics and provide an unparalleled opportunity to contribute to New Zealand.

Internship Programme  - work within New Zealand government
I was able to learn a lot in a range of areas, was given the independence to solve problems, while still managing to successfully fulfil the requirements of the project.

Sujay enjoyed his Internship at ACC

Graduate voices

Here’s what Sujay, one of our past graduates had to say about their experience with the internship programme.

Why did you choose to apply for the internship?

I always wanted to go into data analysis and be a data scientist. I did a bit of research and saw that most successful data scientists started out as interns.

Can you provide a brief overview of the induction and training provided to you as part of the internship?

I was placed at ACC and my project was around investigating burn injuries. The team were super welcoming and friendly. My manager made sure I sat in on different meetings including meetings that were unrelated to my project to help me get an understanding of how the whole organisation functions. It was great and I felt very well supported.

My internship at ACC was an amazing experience – I learnt so much and felt like I really contributed something meaningful

What did you enjoy about the internship?

Being able to work with actual data – not just pre-prepared data like at university. This is actual data and your insights lead to real outcomes. I also really enjoyed the team environment.

What kind of challenges did you face as part of the internship?

It was challenging to be with working with big data, using new tools and adjusting to a new environment. At first I found it hard to understand what was being asked of me but my manager was really supportive and I was encouraged to ask lots of questions.

Has the internship affected your career plans? If so, how?

It has given me perspective for my postgrad studies and future work. I have context for the data I’m using and the things I’m learning.

Would you recommend other students undertake the internship? If so, why?

Absolutely. Not only is it a ‘foot in the door’ but it’s also going to improve the quality of your work and help you grow by being put in situations where you have to constantly adapt and use your knowledge. It’s really a cool feeling working with real data as you can see how it’s going to affect Kiwis down the line.


Who are we looking for?


The ARG internship is open to students studying any bachelor level degree or above who have a passion for data, research and insights.

Students will need to be in their second year of study or higher.

Understanding of programming languages is desirable but not mandatory for all internship positions.

Upon receiving your application we will match you to the internship that is the best fit for your study, skills and experience.


We evaluate candidates on the basis of our shared values and the key skills we believe determine success, including:


    You’re here to get the most out of the opportunity.


    Able to thrive in a fast-changing environment and move on positively from set-backs.


    Sees opportunities to add value above and beyond the original scope of an assignment.


    To interact positively and confidently with others.


    This goes without saying when working with data!


    Your ability to get things done on time.


Applications open: Monday 8th July 2019

Applications close: Sunday 4th August (midnight) 2019

Application process:

Applications are reviewed from the 5th August, later stages of the application process will include phone interviews and face-to-face interviews. Full instructions will be provided at each stage of the process to support you with your application and interviews.

If you have any questions, please email Alex Fitzgerald, Recruitment Advisor, Talent Solutions at



FIND us at your local campus

Victoria University of Wellington
Wed 31 July 12.00pm – 2.00pm
Kelburn Campus,
Te Toki a Rata Building (Foyer)

The University of Otago
Tues 23 July 11.00am  –  2.00pm
The Link, Union

The University of Auckland
Thur 1 August 10.30am – 2.30pm
Science Centre Foyer,
Building 302, 23 Symonds Street